Marie Claire The Parcel Summer Edit Unboxing

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently subscribed to another beauty box, this one is quarterly, and I must say I’m so impressed, that if it were a monthly subscription, I would probably cancel my bellabox. The Parcel is literally that good! I pay $25 per box, and the value is just incredible. A good mix of well-known brands, along with samples from some luxury brands.

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Bellabox Unboxing (August 2015)

This month’s Bellabox was a bit of a birthday present, as it arrived the day after my birthday (I’ve had it for a couple of days already). I’m pretty impressed with the box (over $60 worth of value) and will use all the samples.image Continue reading

Winter haircare

Confession: I haven’t had a hair cut in over a year.

My hair is naturally dry, and it’s been like that a very long time. Lots of swimming (and chlorine!) when I was younger, lots of straighteners and blonde streaks in my high school years, and generally not putting a lot of effort into looking after my tresses. Every hairdresser’s solution was the same: chop it all off.

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