2016’s Best of Beauty (Drugstore)

We’ve made it into 2017, but I thought it was time to look back at my top drugstore beauty picks of 2016. Don’t forget to let me know what your 2016 favourites were too!

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July/August Wishlist

After winning Lancome Australia’s Juicy Shaker competition (a very generous gift card!), I’ve put together a list of items I’d like to get my hands on during the last two months of winter. Let me know which of these you think are absolute must-haves! Continue reading

Maybelline Baby Lips Review + Swatches

It’s suddenly gotten very cold in Australia as we move into the first week of winter. Around this time of year I only start to get into a good hydrating routine¬†after the cold Aussie winds¬†have given me dry skin and chapped lips.

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