Bellabox Unboxing (March 2016)

Hey everyone! This is my final bellabox unboxing for the foreseeable future. Basically I realised I wasn’t getting excited for my little blue box to arrive each month, and I’d rather save that $17.95 a month for other things. It’s been awesome getting to try new beauty items from Bellabox…it’s just not the beauty box for me anymore!


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Bellabox Unboxing (January 2016)

This month’s package marks the 12th month I’ve been subscribed to Bellabox. A full year of surprise beauty products delivered to my door. Only a month ago I was thinking about whether I would stay subscribed to BB, and with the arrival of January’s box (even though it was late), I’m glad I did!

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Bellabox Unboxing (December 2015)

Hi everyone,

After two late boxes, I was really excited to receive my bellabox super early this month (as in not even half way through December!) I received this box on Monday, but haven’t had a chance to share my thoughts until now. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t super excited for this month’s box…but that may have been because I’d just received an amazing selection from my subscription to The Parcel by Marie Claire.

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Bellabox Unboxing (October 2015)

As you can tell, my bellabox was a little late this month, although I think it was more because of the post, rather than BB. Anyway, better late than never…and good things come to those who wait. I personally feel like I got one of the better boxes this month, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Bellabox Unboxing (September 2015)

My September Bellabox arrived just when I needed a little pick-me-up (or reboot as this month’s box has been titled). I had a pretty average day today, so coming home to a bunch of goodies gave me the little boost I needed. I’m really excited to give these products a try, so let’s jump into my unboxing impression.image Continue reading

Bellabox Unboxing (August 2015)

This month’s Bellabox was a bit of a birthday present, as it arrived the day after my birthday (I’ve had it for a couple of days already). I’m pretty impressed with the box (over $60 worth of value) and will use all the samples.image Continue reading