Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Set Review

The Sephora 50% off sales earlier this year had me scrambling to purchase some more ABH glosses (best formula ever!), but this time it was for some minis.

The ABH Lip Gloss Set retailed for $45 AUD, but I paid $22.50, meaning each gloss costed about $5.60 – not a bad price for the quality of ABH!

Diamond is a warm white lip gloss with pink, blue and gold glitters scattered throughout the semi-opaque formula.

Citrine is a vibrant glittery gold shade with slightly bigger glitter particles of gold, pink and green.

Pearl is a soft champagne peach shade with gold, pink and yellow glitters.

Pink Tourmaline is a warm midtone pink with pink and light purple glitters. This shade is my favourite from the set as it looks just as good worn alone or as a lipstick topper!

What’s your favourite shade from the set and why? Let me know in the comments below!