DIY Bling Makeup Organiser

This is my super simple DIY of how I “blinged out” my makeup organisers. I find acrylic organisers can sometimes look a little plain or cheap on their own, so I decided to decorate the ones on display.

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DIY Rainbow Highlighter

It’s the latest trend that took the beauty world by storm and saw ladies everywhere hunting for the magical rainbow highlighter, created by The brand quickly rose to fame after multiple websites and big-name YouTubers reviewed and swatched the product ‘Prism’.

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Cute Fish Tank Set-up

There is only so much you’re allowed to do decoration-wise in an apartment. And having pets in one? Forget it. Thankfully, I’ve come up with a few rent-friendly ways to add colour and personal touches to the apartment. Today though, I’m going to show how to set up a cute fish tank arrangement that adds a little something to your home. Unless you’re real estate agent is super strict (ours said as long as it can’t jump out/make a mess it’s fine!), this is suitable arrangement for most places.

Fire & Opal

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Simple replacement earring backing

This more of an FYI than a tutorial. I’ve found a super simple way to ‘fix’ or use something pretty common for when you lose/break an earring backing. Unfortunately I’ve only ever lost/broken backings for expensive/wear-everyday earrings, so I’ve come up with a solution that allows me to continue wearing these earrings.image Continue reading

DIY Party Decoration – Topiary Tree/Ball

I would be lying if I said this party decoration was super simple – it does take a bit of practice, but looks incredible as a centrepiece or hung up for decoration. Today I’m going to show you how to make a topiary tree (which can double as a topiary ball if you leave the stick and base part out.) I learnt how to create these at my old job (yep, pretty awesome job!)IMG_8351
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