Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes Deluxe H2O Gloss Set Review

Along with the Tarte clutch, I purchased the Good Vibes set to add to my growing lip gloss collection. Each gloss is 1mL, so you’re paying $5 per tube (RRP), or $2.50 per tube if you pick up a set on sale for 50% off during the sales – so it’s definitely worth a ‘treat yourself’ moment.

In the set you receive five limited edition (LE) shades, which have seasonal packaging, as well as four permanent (P) shades with the standard water droplet pattern and gold to blue ombré packaging.

The formulation is a little heavier in comparison to my favourite lip gloss formula from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I find the Tarte ones to be a little more tacky on the lips. With that being said, they’re still fairly comfortable to wear, and have good pigmentation.

Tiki Bar (LE) is a nude gloss with a fine gold shimmer. Out of Office (P) is a plum shade with pink and purple shimmer. Tahiti (LE) is a vibrant shimmery red gloss. Fiji (P) is an iridescent pink gloss with a pale blue shift. Key Largo (LE) is a solid plum shade. Room Service (P) is a muted pink nude colour. Sandbar (LE) is a fronted pale bronze shade. Maldives (P) is a solid bright magneta purple, and Islamorada (LE) is a warm mid-tone solid pink shade.

I feel like the shade selection in this set is pretty good, although I would have liked a soft peachy shade added to the assortment, but I’m just being picky! If you are wanting to try Tarte’s lip gloss formula, as well as experiment with a range of shades, this set is the way to go!

Have you tried any of the Tarte H2O lip glosses? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes Deluxe H2O Gloss Set Review

  1. I’ve banned myself from buying anymore lip products (the amount I have is embarrassing!). But I can’t resist checking them out on the blogs!

    I’ve always enjoyed tarte but I’ve never really liked the lip products I got from them… though I love their cheek stains and blushes!


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