Tarte Life of the Party Blush Clutch: Review + Swatches

There’s something about face palettes, especially ones with pretty packaging, that suck me in, particularly around the holiday season. And if you look at my blush collection, you’ll notice there aren’t many single pan compacts – most of them are found in palettes. This made the Tarte Life of the Party Clay Blush Palette & Clutch too hard to pass up at 30% off during the Boxing Day sales (pro tip: it’s now 50% on Sephora Australia).

As usual, let’s talk about packaging first! The palette is set up like a chunky clutch purse, covered in glitter with a layer of plastic material over top, so there’s no chance of glitter particles flaking off even with frequent use.

There’s a gold ‘Tarte’ clasp on the middle of the clutch, which you press down on to open it up, revealing more faux gold hardware along the edges of the clutch.

On the left hand side there’s a small mirror, as well as two card slots in pink satin material. On the right hand side is a removable palette with the five powders – three blushes, one highlighter and one bronzer.

Flamingo (blush #1) is a soft baby pink blush with some micro glitter scattered throughout the powder – this glitter doesn’t show up when swatched though. Passport (blush #2) is a matte beige-pink (nude) shade, and reminds me of Paaarty from Tarte’s permanent blush range. Pool Float is a peachy-coral shade with a matte finish. Sandy Cheeks (highlighter) is a champagne gold shade with a shimmery finish. Tan Lines (bronzer) is a cool-toned brown best suited to fair and light skin tones.


The palette and clutch are magnetic, and to remove the powders you pull on the palette’s pink tab and lift it up until it pops out.

While the clutch isn’t huge, there’s enough storage to comfortably fit your phone, as well as a small sets of keys and cards – basically the bare essentials for leaving the house.

My only real gripe with the product is that the shade range is very limited. As someone with fair skin, I like that I can wear all the shades in this palette, but do wish Tarte had come out with a second (or third?) edition of this palette for those with deeper skin tones, as they’ve missed a large chunk of their market with these light shades. Hopefully they can do something like Hourglass and release more than one face palette next holiday season.

What do you think of this palette and the idea of having more than one edition for different skin tones? Share your thoughts with me and others in the comments below!


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