Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection: Super Shock Shadows review & swatches

As I makeup lover and avid Disney Princess fan, I knew I had to purchase a few of the Super Shock Shadows from Colourpop’s Disney Designer Collection. They’re set to restock the range soon, so keep reading to hear about these little pots of makeup magic!


Like other Super Shock Shadows from Colourpop, these limited edition shades are $5 USD, and have that typical cream-to-powder formula traditional Colourpop eyeshadows are known for. However, the packaging is completely different, and styled in keeping with the Disney brand.


Each Super Shock Shadow comes in frosted metallic gold cardboard with colourful stars all over the front and inside of the box.


Each shadow comes in a black compact with a gold Disney castle across the lid, making it the most “classic” Disney design element from the collection (aside from the highlighters, which also feature the gold castle).


I also love how they named each shade is named after a song in a Disney movie: Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid, So This Is Love from Cinderella, Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast, and A Whole New World from Aladin.


Under The Sea is a seafoam green shade with a metallic finish. This shadow is easily the most unique shade out of the six available.

So This Is Love is a cool-toned dark champagne colour with a strong metallic finish. It’s a great shade for all over the lid,

Be Our Guest is a bright magenta shade with a rosy shift and a satin finish.

A Whole New World is a soft glittery lilac shade. I found this one wasn’t as pigmented as the others, and needed to be built up to see that beautiful pale purple.

I won’t be picking up the remaining two shades (Heigh Ho and Almost There) as they’re fairly basic colours, but if you want neutral shades, there’s three to choose from (including the one I picked up, So This Is Love).


Under The Sea, Be Our Guest, A Whole New World, So This Is Love

ColourPop is set to restock the entire Disney Designer Collection on Friday 10am PST (3am Saturday for my fellow Aussies), so if you’re interested in any of the eyeshadows or the lipsticks (my review here), make sure to set an alarm!

3 thoughts on “Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection: Super Shock Shadows review & swatches

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  2. How cute?! I’m so tempted to pick up some items from the collection just for the fact that they are Disney themed, but at the same time, I already have so many SS shadows. “So This is Love” does look beautiful, though. Have you tried any of the CP x Disney lipsticks?


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