Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection: Lux Lipstick review & swatches

I was up at 2.30am a few weeks ago in anticipation for the launch of Colourpop’s Disney Designer collection, and was fortunate to scoop up most of my wish list! Just like their regular Lux Lipsticks, the Disney ones retail for $7 USD each.

I picked up four out of the six lipsticks from the range, as the other two shades (Jasmine and Tiana) aren’t ones I’d wear. The ones I purchased are within my comfort zone, minus Snow White, but as she’s one of my favourite princesses, I felt I had to pick up the red!


The lipsticks come in black packaging with each shade name’s corresponding princess on the front of the box. The princesses have been designed with the year their movie premiered in, hence the ‘high fashion/couture’ look.

On the top and back of the box, they also have each princess’ signature and unique colour. This colour is also replicated on the inside of each box, which is another nice detail (on top of many others).

Each lipstick comes in a faux forsted gold tube. The princesses signatures are scribbled across the cap in white writing, with the Disney Designer label underneath.

Ariel is a peachy beige nude with a slightly warm undertone. This shade is the lightest in the range and is very everyday friendly.

Belle is a rosy berry shade and is the most universally-flattering colour out of the set. It’s also my favourite shade!

Cinderella is a cool-toned pink . I know not everyone likes a mid-toned blue-based pink, but I think it’s the perfect Cinderella shade.

Snow White is a candy apple red shade and is a classic choice for Disney’s first princess. I don’t wear red all that often, but I’ll be wearing this lipstick when I choose to wear red!

What do you think of the Disney lipsticks from ColourPop? Will you be picking them up during the restock? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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