Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina eyeshadow palette review

Each palette I purchase from Anastasia Beverly Hills seems to be an improvement on the last one (not that any of them have been bad!) I thought Soft Glam would be the last eyeshadow palette I bought from Anastasia this year, and then they came out with Norvina. Needless to say, I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette the day it launched on the Sephora Australia site! Here are my thoughts on this pretty purple-toned palette.

The Norvina palette was created by Anastasia’s daughter, based on Norvina’s favourite colour – purple. It’s described as being her “go-to eye shadow palette”, and includes more shimmers than a typical Anastasia Beverly Hills palette (I’m not complaining, I prefer shimmers over mattes anyway!)

Norvina comes in the classic suede packaging Anastasia palettes are known for, and is a mid-toned lilac shade to match the eyeshadow colour theme.

Inside you get a top row of shimmer and foil shades, while the bottom row is primarily matte shadows. You also get the usual mirror and double-sided brush that comes with most Anastasia palettes.

Dreamer is a soft champagne-gold shade with a metallic finish. Summer is a foiled metallic golden topaz colour and is very pigmented. Wild Child (my favourite shimmer in the palette) is a a forsty pink shade with a magenta duo-chrome shift. Rose Gold is a metallic rose gold with a foiled finish, and has a similar feel to Summer. Celestial is a duo-chrome purple with a violet shift and blue glitters, however it wasn’t as pigmented as the others shimmers, and needs to be built up for that true foiled finish. Dazzling is is a cool-toned bronze shade with a shimmer finish. Drama is a deep plum shade with a dark brown shift.


Base is a matte eggshell colour with some faint sparkle, however the sparkle doesn’t show up when swatched. Soul is a matte wisteria shade with some fine purple and blue glitters. The glitters show up when swatched, and I think this shade would have been better as a matte cool-toned transition shade. Incense is a dusty terracotta shade with a true matte finish. Love is a matte cool-toned mid pink, and while there are fine glitters in the pan, these do not show up when swatched. Volatile is a warm light chocolate brown shade with a matte finish. Eccentric is a matte burnt orange colour with a warm undertone. Passion is a matte garnet shade.

img_20180909_202143 - Copy

There are no repeat shadows from Modern Renaissance or Soft Glam in the Norvina palette, however there are a few similar mattes between the three palettes. When looking at all three palettes together though, I can safely say they are different enough to justify picking up the Norvina.

This palette is best suited to those who like cool-toned shadows and enjoy using shimmer and foiled shadows on the eyes. If purples, pinks and gold are your thing, I think this palette is a staple in your collection, especially for the quality.

This palette retails for $75 AUD, which is in line with all the other 14 pan eyeshadow palettes from Anastasia. It contains almost the same amount of product per pan as others I own: Norvina 0.71 grams, Soft Glam 0.74 grams, and Modern Renaissance 0.7 grams, so the cost per gram works out to be pretty similar across the collection, and I assume it’s the same with other 14 pan Anastasia palettes.

What do you think of the Norvina palette? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina eyeshadow palette review

  1. Norvina is the only ABH palette that I own and I absolutely love it! I will definitely look into getting some of her other palettes in the future! I like the looks of the Modern Renaissance and the Soft Glam. I also like the new Sultry palette!


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