16 Brand Toks Mask Packs Review

A few months ago, Mecca Maxima announced they were selling new face masks, for a record low of just $2 each! For anyone that’s set foot in a Mecca store, you’ll know it’s pretty rare to score anything under the $5 mark. Here are my thoughts on these cheap Korean face masks.


First up, I love how there’s a decent variety of masks from 16 Brand. I’ve ended up purchasing one of each for the fun of it, and have enjoyed the scents of each. I can see these being great little stocking stuffers around Christmas time.


When you tear open the pack, there’s heaps of liquid coating the sheet mask. When I opened up the mask and put it on my face, there was liquid leaking down my face, so I’d say there’s at least double the amount needed. For this reason, I get two paper towels and blot the mask before applying it to my skin, and even then there’s still plenty of liquid remaining on the mask. If you’ve got really dry skin, I think you’ll enjoy these masks once you blot them, but if you’ve got oily skin, I’d avoid using these.


On another note, I don’t notice a massive different between each mask’s post-application effects on my dry skin – they all seem to add hydration, but that’s about as much as they do in my opinion.


All up, I’m happy that I tried these masks, but wouldn’t go out of my way to repurchase them either. Their low price point makes them worth a try, but unless you’ve got super dry skin, they’re a bit of a mess to use.

Have you tried any cool Korean brand masks? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

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