Tarte Fairy Flush Blush Review

It’s no secret that Tarte blushes are some of my favourites thanks to their Amazonian clay 12-hour formula. So when Tarte released a blush with some very pretty packaging, I knew it was something I wanted for my collection.

The outside packaging is almost as special as the inside. The compact comes in metallic pink cardboard, with pink and silver spots, and raise glitter-gold dots across the front, back and sides of the cardboard box.


Fairy Flush comes in a plastic metallic pink compact, with a see-through lid covered in holographic pink stars, some of which move around when you shake the compact. As someone still young at heart, I absolutely love this design!

Inside there’s a good quality mirror, surrounded by the same metallic pink plastic with the tarte logo at the base of the mirror. The actual product weighs 5.6 grams, and has the traditional Amazonian clay print across the top of the blush.

Fairy Flush is a soft, cool-toned nude-pink with a matte finish. While it can be built up to be more pigmented, it’s gentle enough for those with very fair skin, who want to add a little flush of colour to the cheeks.

While the colour isn’t all that unique, I find it’s a good staple in my collection, and would be the perfect addition to yours if you like something more subtle on the cheeks.

Do you get sucked in to buying makeup based on packaging like me? Share what you’ve bought mostly because of aesthetics in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Tarte Fairy Flush Blush Review

  1. This blush is really pretty but I wasn’t really tempted by the packaging. It seemed kind of bulky. I am basically tempted by just the packaging for anything Too Faced. I love their products but can’t afford EVERYTHING! I just recently bought their It’s Bananas setting powder though. GREAT post – I agree with Nova, beautiful pictures!

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  2. I was SO tempted by the packaging of this blush, but I resisted!!! I have too many blushes, and plenty of them are from Tarte! Although I don’t have as many cool toned blushes… Haha no I will continue to resist. Love your pictures! You really captured how beautiful the packaging is.

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    • Thanks so much Nova! It was a bit tricky to capture the packaging just right, so I’m glad they turned out nice! Good on you for resisting…I’ve got another Tarte blush that’s similar to it, but a tiny bit different so I could justify the splurge (sort of) đŸ˜‚

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