The Lip Lab experience review

For my birthday weekend, my husband took me down to The Lip Lab on the Gold Coast to have my very own custom lip gloss and lipsticks made. Here are my thoughts on the experience.


I was lucky to get the first spot on a Saturday, and had the lovely Louise look after me. We discussed what kinds of shades I liked, as well as my preferred lipstick finish. First, we went for an “organic” finish, which is a little sheerer and resembles a lipstick balm. I asked Louise if we could create my wedding day lipstick, one of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks in the shade ‘Pink & Proper’. Louise swatched it on my hand to get a true idea of the colour, then started to work her magic with the liquid pigments and lipstick base.


There are so many pigments, shimmers, glitters and flavours to play with!

Once she had used little spatulas to mix the shade, she got me to test the colour, then we added some fine shimmer to mimic the original lipstick’s look. I also selected the essence ‘Parisian Rose’ to match the flowers I carried on my wedding day. Another swatch and try on, and it was ready to go in the lipstick mold! Louise wrote down everything she used, and I named the shade “April 2nd”, the date I got married.


All mixed and ready for the mold!

For my second lipstick, I wanted a perfect pinky-nude, and showed Louise swatches of what I already owned. Again she worked her pigment-mixing magic and create a perfect my-lips-but-better shade, and it was totally different to all my other pinky-nudes! I decided to keep shimmer out of this one, and added the flavour ‘Pink Champagne’, and named the lipstick shade ‘So Fetch’.


While the lipsticks sat in their molds to set, Louise and I started creating my dream rosy-toned lip gloss. For this, Louise mixed shimmery powers of my choice into a clear gloss base. I swatched and tried on the shade, and was very happy with how the shade turned out (3/3 with minimal adjustments – well done Louise!). I named the shade Pink Moscato, and added a raspberry flavour to it.


I narrowed my shimmers down to these four, but we only used the first three to get my colour.

Once the lipsticks had finished setting, Louise carefully placed the bullet onto the lipstick, slowly twisting and turning it into the base.

Once everything was set and ready to go, Louise placed little cards with each order’s name and key details into a bag, that way I can call up and order my exact shade again. They also boxed up the each item, which made the whole process even more special.

Each lipstick costs $55, and a lipgloss costs $35. To put it into perspective, I usually spend around $30-40 on a lipstick, so I’m paying $15 more to have something customised. I normally spend $30-35 on lip glosses in store, so $35 for a custom lip gloss is more than worth it for me, especially when each item took about half an hour to make (don’t forget each item’s cost factors in staff wages).

To conclude, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having my own lip products made, and plan to go back again with friends and family in the future. If you’re wanting to spoil yourself, or need to think of a unique gift idea for someone else, I highly recommend checking out The Lip Lab!

*This review is in no way sponsored or gifted by The Lip Lab. I paid for the products myself.

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