Becca Light Chaser Highlights

Becca’s Rose Quartz is my all-time favourite highlight, so when Sephora had the Light Chaser range on sale, I couldn’t resist testing out these duo-chrome compacts!


The Light Chaser highlights come in gold holographic cardboard packaging, similar to the limited edition Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed powder highlights. The compacts are the typical flying saucer-style Becca is known for, with an antique gold coating around the Becca silver circular logo.


Inside you get 6.5 grams of product, making the Light Chasers a little smaller than other Becca highlights, but about the same size as their blushes. The compacts also come with a good quality mirror.

The formula is similar to Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed powder highlights, however I found these to be a little softer and not as powdery. They were also more pigmented, so keep this in mind if you prefer a gentler highlight.


Top down: Amethyst x Geode, Champagne Dream x Bellini, Opal x Jade, Rose Quartz x Seashell

Amethyst flashes Geode is a vibrant magenta pink shade with a lavender/garnet shift. This is the deepest shade in the Light Chaser range, and works as a blush topper on my fair skin. It would only work as a true cheek highlight for those with medium-dark to deep skin tones.

Champagne Dream flashes Bellini is a gorgeous peach shade with a warm-toned pink shift. This shade is best suited to those with neutral to warm undertones.

Opal flashes Jade is a taupe-lavender shade with a pale teal duo-chromatic shift. I was worried this would end up looking like a bruise on my skin, but with a light hand, this is a very unique highlight!

Rose Quartz flashes Seashell is a beautiful rose shade with a pale pink-purple shift. While similar to Rose Quartz, it has a cooler undertone thanks to the pink-purple shift.

To conclude, I’m so happy I purchased these compacts, however I wouldn’t have purchased so many if it weren’t for the 50% off sale. If I were paying full price ($54 AUD), I’d rather spend an extra $10 and get more product in a Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed powder highlight.

Have you tried any of these Light Chasers from Becca? Let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

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