Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Parfait

This is the last lip gloss to join my stash for a while, and the sixth from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Like Moon Jelly and Toffee, I purchased Parfait during the Sephora 50% off sales.

I’ll admit when I first watched this shade, I wasn’t overly excited for it, as it isn’t a colour I’d normally reach for to wear.

Parfait is a warm peach shade with a soft gold shimmer running through the gloss. It has good pigmentation with just one swipe, making it suitable to wear on its own.

Due to its warmth and peachy colour, I feel this shade is best suited to the spring and summer time. And while it’s my least reached-for shade, I’m still glad to have something unique in my lip gloss collection.

Are you a peachy lip product lover? Let me know your thoughts on Parfait in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Parfait

  1. Parfait is really pretty, but I hardly ever wear it. I need to make more of an effort. I just find the formula is slightly different from their regular cremes and I don’t like that. It’s the same with St. Tropez. They’re a little more goopy or something.

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