Lush Think Pink Gift Box Unboxing

After moving into our new place and realising the joy of finally having a bath, I rushed into Lush to pick out some products to try. Since I’d just started a new job, I decided to treat myself to something a little more special – one of their gift boxes! And if you know me at all, you can already guess why I chose this one.


Think Pink is a pink-lover’s paradise, with sweet smells like vanilla and rose as a reoccuring scent theme throughout the gift box. You get ten items for $80, with a mixture of bath bombs, bubble bars, a shower gel and cream, bar soap and a tub of ‘fun’.


Think Pink bath bomb

This one isn’t as vibrant as the website’s stock image makes it look, but nonetheless it’s still a beautiful bright pink shade with plenty of sparkle.


Twilight bath bomb

I wasn’t sold on the smell of the Twilight shower gel when I went in store last time, but I was happily surprised when I dropped this baby in the bath! A soft pink shade combines with bursts of blue to give you a pale purple bath loaded with silver shimmer. The scent of lavendar was relaxing, and I absolutely loved the tonka in this one.


Rose Jam shower gel

If you were hit in the face with a bouquet of roses, this is what the moment would smell like. The gel is a deep magenta pink and lathers up nicely on the skin. If you don’t like a strong rosy scent, this might be one to miss though.


The Comforter bubble bar

I totally understand why people love The Comforter scent so much now! I used half the bar (50g) crumbled under running water and it filled my bath with plenty of bubbles. The water turned a Barbie-pink shade, and if you don’t like shimmer in your bath, this is one you should pick up!


Creamy Candy bubble bar

This product is shaped like a regular bar of soap, and has a pretty white flower in the centre. It’s got a sweet candy smell, so if you like the scent of the Christmas ‘Snow Fairy’ range, you’ll probably like this one.


Pink fun

Another sugary-sweet smelling product, and this one’s pretty fun too! It feels a bit like playdough, but it’s so much nicer to play with. Lush says this can be used on the body, in your hair, as a bubble bar or to hand wash your clothes. I used it as a soap and shampoo the one night (I was desperate!) and I’m happy to say it lathered well enough to clean my skin and hair.


Bubblegum lip scrub

This lip scrub smells almost identical to Snow Fairy, so again if you love that scent family, you’ll enjoy the smell of this. I love using Lush’s lip scrubs to remove dead skin and keep my lips looking fresh, so even if the scent isn’t your cup of tea, I suggest checking out some of the others in their lip scrub range.


Rock Star soap

This lovely little bar is shaped like a star, and has a sweet vanilla scent. It’s still in it’s wrapping and the smell has already taken over my bathroom cupboard, so if you don’t like overly strong soaps, you might want to pass on this one.


Sakura bath bomb

This bath bomb is inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms, with jasmine and mimosa as the main scents. The smell wasn’t as strong with this bath bomb, so it’s a good option if you want something a little gentler on the nose.


The Comforter shower cream

The Comforter felt thicker and softer than a normal shower gel (hence the name ‘cream’), so it’s nice for a little extra luxury in the shower. After trying this shower cream, I’m very sad to see it’s a discontinued product that you can only get in the Think Pink gift box. Unfortunately I don’t have $80 to spare each time I want a 100g bottle, so I’m hoping Lush brings this shower cream back on its own!


What’s your favourite Lush gift box? Let me know in the comments below!

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