Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

I purchased the Urban Decay Primer Potion at the Mecca Maxima All Nighter event last month after hearing how well it works and just how popular it is in the beauty community.

I picked up the 5.7g travel-sized tube for $20, although you can get the 10g size for $35. The primer comes in metallic packaging with a purple gradient, and is in a squeeze tube. The applicator is a doe-foot, with one dip in covering approximately one eyelid.

The primer is a sheer beige shade which melts into the skin. I don’t think the slight amount of colour makes a different to covering up discolouration, as it fades into the skin. It drives down to a soft, smooth formula, and helps eyeshadows adhere to the skin. I found my eyeshadow didn’t fade or crease when I used the primer, so I can see why people enjoy using it. For the price tag, I’d like to think I can find another alternative, but I’ll see how long 5.7g lasts before deciding if it’s worth $20.

What’s your favourite eyeshadow primer? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

  1. This stuff is literally my holy grail eyeshadow primer. I use it daily. A full tube will last a pretty long time. I’d say >6 months if not a year. That said, I’ve tried a couple of other eye primers and still prefer this one. I haven’t tried much from the drugstore though, so I can’t speak to that, but this is definitely better than the LORAC eyeshadow primer. The only thing that comes close for me is the Too Faced one.


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