Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam eyeshadow palette review

For someone who didn’t drool over the Modern Renaissance as much as every other beauty blogger out there, it may come as a surprise that I picked up the Soft Glam palette while in Sephora the other week.

Starting with packaging, the palette comes in the same format as the original, only this one has a mustard-coloured suede exterior, opposed to the soft purple of Modern Renaissance. The mustard choice is about my only complaint for Soft Glam, so let’s move on.

Inside you get a mirror, fourteen shades and one double ended brush. I neither loved nor hated the brush in the last palette, so I’ll use this if my other brushes are dirty, but it’s definitely not something I’d reach for first.

Tempura is a warm cream shade with a satin finish. I would use it as a base shade or as a brow bone highlight. Glistening is a pale warm-gold shade with a shimmer finish. Orange Soda is a matte, pale orange colour. Rose Pink is my favourite of the palette, and is a dusty rose colour with a shimmery finish. Sultry is a bronze-copper shade with a shimmer finish. Bronze (isn’t really a bronze). It’s more of a yellow gold shadow with a shimmer finish. Mulberry is a reddish-brown matte shadow.


Dusty Rose is a matte version of Rose Pink, and as the name suggests, is a cool-toned dusty rose colour! Fairy is very similar to Glistening, but has more of a yellow tone to the shimmery gold colour. Burnt Orange is another name that perfectly describes the corresponding shade, however it looks like a warm brown when built up on the skin. Sienna is a red-toned medium brown colour, and is completely different from Modern Renaissance’s Raw Sienna shade. Rustic is your standard transition, matte brown shade, although it has more depth when swatched on the skin. Cyprus Umber satin-matte, dark brown shade. Noir is a matte black shade. While it’s not the worst black eyeshadow I’ve tried, I was hoping for better pigmentation considering the price point.


Moving on to my only other complaint – the double-up shades. Tempura, Burnt Orange and Cyprus Umber are all included in the Modern Renaissance palette, so I was disappointed to see them in Soft Glam. As you can see from the swatches, Cyprus Umber and Burnt Orange are practically identical, while Tempura is slightly different between the two palettes. I know there’s a few more shades that are available as singles too, so best to double check your collection first, as you may already have most of Soft Glam!


Wrapping up this review, I’m glad I purchased the palette, and in some ways I wish this has come out first, as I prefer its simplicity over the berry tones in Modern Renaissance. Over a year ago I gave Modern Renaissance two thumbs up, but I feel the hype has worn off, and I’m better sticking with something softer.

Which Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam eyeshadow palette review

  1. I LOVE both! But if I could only pick one for the rest of my life it would be Soft Glam. It literally can do no wrong and I actually like the soft mustardy yellow packaging. I am also so excited for the Norvina palette!

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