Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit Review

I’ve had my eyes on this highlighting palette for months now (I know, very late to the party), but the $72 AUD price tag stopped me from purchasing it sooner. However, when Sephora had their 50% off sale and this item was included in the line up, all bets were off. I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit for $36, and couldn’t be happier with the variety of pastel colours included in the palette!

Moonchild was the first six pan highlighting palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills and was released in mid-2016. Each pan contains 4.2 grams of product, with a combined total weight of 25. 2 grams, which is a heap of highlighter! Along with being cruelty free, this palette is also vegan.

Like other Glow Kits from Anastasia, Moonchild has a removable cardboard slip which is identical to packaging underneath. The palette has a pale blue to white gradient, with a holographic shift across the front and back of the palette. The word ‘Moonchild’ is across the front in silver holographic lettering, with the standard Anastasia Beverly Hills logo underneath in black.

Inside, there’s the ABH circle logo, with Moonchild underneath with the same silver holographic lettering.Most Anastasia Glow Kits don’t include a mirror, so this wasn’t a surprise or a deal-breaker for me. The palette has a magnetic closure and feels surprisingly weighted for a cardboard palette.

Blue Ice is a white-based highlighter with a pale blue shift. Star is a cool-toned silver shade, and was less glittery compared to other shades. Purple Horseshoe is a lilac highlight with a soft blue shift. Pink Heart is a white-based colour with a warm-pink shift. Lucky Clover is an off-white shade with a green-gold duochrome shift. Blue Moon is a silver coloured highlight with a faint blue shift.

I think palette is really geared towards those with fair to light complexions, especially those with cool undertones with the majority of cool white-based shades. That being said, I feel this could suit those with medium skintones, however because of the bases, may appear ashy on those with dark/deep skintones (stay tuned for my Aurora review though – this one is a better option those with deeper skintones).

I really enjoyed the colour selection in this palette, and felt all but one shade could be worn as highlights on my skin (Purple Horseshoe is better suited as an eyeshadow on me). If you haven’t jumped on the colourful bandwagon, I suggest picking up this palette if you can get it on sale!

What’s your all-time favourite non-traditional higlighter? Let me know in the comments below!

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