Lush ‘Rose Jam’ Bubbleroon Bubble Bar Review

Glittery pink bubble bars just seem to be my thing! I’ve tried and loved both the Candy Mountain and Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bars, and after trying something more adventurous, I decided to go back to my roots by picking up the Rose Jam Bubbleroon!

Like the name suggests, the Bubbleroon looks like a macaroon in Lush’s classic bubble bar form. The bright pink bar is covered in fine glitter, and has a layer of shea butter and cocoa sandwiched in between the two sides.

The bath turned a soft shade of pink, with a small amount of shimmer in the water. It smelt of roses and was very soft on the skin (thanks to the shea butter layer!)

I used this bar over two nights, but you could easily get three or four uses out of it, depending on how many bubbles you wanted per bath. I was able to split the bar in half by twisting the two sides, and got a decent amount of bubbles each night.

Have you tried any of the bubbleroons from Lush? Let me know which ones are your favourites in the comments below!

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