Lush ‘The Experimenter’ Bath Bomb Review

I rarely get to try Lush’s bath range, so when I stayed in a hotel with a bath, I raced down to Lush to pick out a bath bomb and bubble bar to test out. After looking at which bath bombs looked the prettiest, as well as having a scent I enjoyed, I settled on The Experimenter for my first bath art.

The Experimenter is a hexagonal-shaped bath bomb with pink and blue colouring on one side, yellow and white on the other side, with purple sandwiched in the middle and packed with luster dust.

Scents of vanilla and tonka absolute filled the bathroom within a few minutes of the bath bomb hitting the water, and it’s one of my favourite scents from Lush so far.

When the bath bomb made contact with water, blue and yellow colours shotout, while pinks and purples were added to the mix as the bath bomb twisted and turned. I could hear a popping candy sound (as described on Lush’s website) as the bath bomb fizzled.

The water turned a beautiful green-turquoise shade with plenty of shimmer. I like to think of it as mermaid water, it was super sparkly and smelt amazing! My skin also felt super soft after the bath, which was an added bonus for something I bought purely based on looks and scent!

If you love sweet vanilla scents and some colourful bath art, check out the Experimenter next time you’re at Lush!

What’s your favourite bath bomb in terms of colour and scent? Let me know in the comments below!

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