Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light

In my Post-Meccaland Wishlist blog, I said I wanted to purchase one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting minis when they launched in stores. Unfortunately the minis only come in four out of the six full-sized shades, so I decided to spend the extra $30 a pick up a full-sized Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light (that turned out to be much better value if you look at the cost per gram). Here are my thoughts on the most expensive finishing powder I own!


The packaging is very luxurious. The product comes in a metallic brown compact with ‘Hourglass’ in muted gold across the front. Inside you get a generous mirror, as well as 10 grams of product in a square pan.

Hourglass describes their product as “a universal setting powder that features cutting edge technology to mimic the effects of the most flattering variations of light”. They currently have six shades in total: Ethereal Light (opalescent sheer, cool white), Diffused Light (soft, warm pale yellow), Mood Light (soft, sheer lavender pink), Radiant Light (golden beige), Luminous Light (champagne pearl) and Dim Light (neutral peach beige).


Close up of Ethereal Light

Ethereal Light is definitely a sheer, cool white as Hourglass describes. It has such a beautiful luminosity to it, and gives a natural finish to the skin. I recommend this powder for those with fair to light complexions. If you have medium or darker skin, I recommend trying Radiant, Luminous or Dim Light instead.


Ethereal Light swatched

I’ve compared it to other Hourglass powders that come in the holiday palettes, and the closest match for it is Diffused Light. Unless heavily swatched, I feel the two shades pass as one and the same. Dim Light is darker and neutral in tone, while Surreal Light is a pale golden champagne colour.

If I start running low on any of these Hourglass powders, I might be tempted to try Mood Light next.

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