Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner Review

I’ve been struggling with breakouts for a little while now, and while I think it could be mostly down to too much sugar, I’ve wanted to reassess my basic skincare routine and gradually try new products. I noticed I was lacking a toner in my routine, so I decided to pick up one from one of my current favourite cruelty free skincare companies – Mario Badescu!

You get 236mL (8 fl oz) for $22 AUD, and the product comes out from a push-up nozzle at the top of the bottle. The nozzle distributes enough toner neatly into a cotton pad, and I definitely prefer this to other toners that just come with a normal click shut cap (less wastage and accidental spills).

I use this toner most mornings and nights, and find it helps dry out my breakouts, without drying out the rest of my skin. I’ve also found it removes any remaining makeup that I wasn’t able to remove with a Face Halo and cleanser. It does the job a toner should do, and unless I can find a cheaper alternative, I’ll be going back to this again!

What’s your favourite cruelty free toner? Let me know in the comments below!

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