What’s coming travelling with me?

I’m going on a four day holiday soon, so I thought I’d share what I’m taking with me, and why I’ve selected these particular items for my makeup routine while on holidays. The key is to take travel-sized items where possible and pack light, while still giving yourself some room for variety.

The most important items to pop into a makeup bag is the skincare, even if it’s just the very basics. Just because I’m on a short holiday doesn’t mean I can skip out on my skin, especially with air travel! It’s for this reason that I’ve packed my essential travel-sized Tarte items – moisturiser, stick exfoliator and cleanser. I’ll also be taking makeup wipes to assist with taking off any eye makeup.

For my face makeup, I’m using moisturiser in place of my primer, purely because the primer I use normal is fairly bulky. For foundation, I’m using the IT Cosmetics sample I received thanks to it’s compact size (and to use it up as I didn’t love the scent!) I’m concealing with the only concealer I own, and I may mix it in with my foundation if I want something more full coverage all over my face. Lastly, I’ve selected the 2016 holiday palette from Hourglass, as it contains a powder, two blushes (variety!), a bronzer and one highlighter. While the palette is biggest item in my makeup bag for the trip, the amount of products it holds makes up for its size (and it isn’t all that big anyway!)

For eye makeup, I’ve picked out my travel-sized Nars eye primer and Tarte mascara, as well as my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I had quite a choice of palettes to take with me, but my Too Faced Chocolate Chip palette won in terms of size and variety. I don’t think I’ll wear much eye makeup anyway, so I’ve picked the basics as a ‘just in case’.

For my lips, I picked my favourite lip balm from Burts Bees, as it’s going to be fairly cool where we’re heading, and I’ve found it’s about the only balm that nourishes my lips. I’ve also selected a mini Too Faced Sweet Peach gloss to add a bit of shine and hydration, and it’s perfect for minimal makeup looks. Lastly, I’ve picked both mini Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks which I bought recently. One of them is a blushing pink shade, while the other is a terracotta nude, so I’ve got two of my favourite types of colour on hand. I was tempted to toss a mini liquid lipstick in there too, but as it’ll be fairly cold and dry, I wanted to pick gentle lip options.

Let me know what you pack when you go travelling in the comments below!

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