Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed: Golden Mint

By now it’s pretty clear I’m at Becca Beauty Junkie. I own three highlights (now four), two split pans, one bronzer and one eyeshadow palette. And out of all the Becca compacts out there, there one I wanted most in my collection was one I couldn’t get in Australia – Golden Mint.


However, that all changed when I stumbled across an Ebay sell who sells authentic makeup directly from the company to her address, then onto the buyer’s. Here’s my review on one of the most sought-after makeup items.


I paid $88 for the product plus shipping (thanks to a 10% off code I received from Ebay). These compacts usually cost $64 at Sephora, so I paid just over $20 more. For that reason, I probably won’t do this again for US-exclusive items.


Golden Mint comes in silver packaging, however I wish they’d matched it to the highlight’s colour like they did for Rose Quartz, Prismatic Amethyst and Vanilla Quartz.


The inside has the same shards embossed into the powder, and a good-quality mirror.

Golden Mint is a white-based highlight with a golden reflect. The “mint” or green element is very subtle, and is only obvious when compared to Vanilla Quartz, which has a pale-yellow tone to it.


Becca’s Golden Mint

The two shades share similarities, and if you already own one, you don’t need the other. But if you’re like me, you probably want both if there’s a few degrees of difference.


Becca’s Vanilla Quartz (top) and Golden Mint (bottom)

The other green highlight I used to own was Perilune from ColourPop, however that was more glittery. Other dupes include Kat Von D’s Emerald from the Alchemist palette and Lucky Clover from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Moonchild Glow Kit, and for the price I paid, you’re better off purchasing one of those palettes if you’re after a green highlight!

So, do I regret my purchase? Definitely not, as a Becca collector, if there’s a highlight out there that will work for my skintone, I’ll try to pick it up – however you won’t catch me forking out another $88 for Smoky Quartz, another US-exclusive shade!


Do you have any makeup products that you actively collect? Let me know what they are in the comments below!

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