Stila Glitter On The Go – Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set

I picked up this little set for my best friend at Christmas time, and was pretty sad Mecca didn’t restock it once it sold out. But to my surprise and delight, I discovered this trio had returned with many new releases earlier this month.


If my blogs on Sea Siren, Sunset Cove or Beauty Junkie haven’t convinced you to invest $35 AUD into trying one of these liquid shadows, maybe the fact you can test out three mini shades for the price ($36 AUD) of one full-sized will. Stila was smart to release a set of neutral shades, and I find most of these colours are well-loved in their full sized versions.


The packaging is the same as the full size Glitter and Glows, only shorter and thinner. One mini is 2.25 mL, while a full size is 4.5mL, so you are getting more product for the price in this set.


Rose Gold Retro is a rose-gold shade with silver sparkle, and had very good pigmentation with one application. The formula with this shade is almost like the Shimmer and Glows, only with lots of glitter.


Kitten Karma is a champagne shade with copper and silver glitters. This one didn’t have much pigmentation in the base shade, but fortunately the glitters gave it just enough sparkle. I wouldn’t buy this in the full-size though.


Smoldering Satin is a deep tan shade with silver glitters, and has slightly better pigmentation than Kitten Karma, but not as much as Rose Gold Retro. In some lighting it almost looks like a dark grey/silver.


All up, I’m really happy I got this set. Having smaller sizes means I can use these up easier, and I’m not wasting as much product once they expire. Out of the three, I’d only consider buying Rose Gold Retro in full size, but if you prefer a sheer glittery look, Kitten Karma or Smoldering Satin might work better for you.

Have I convinced you to give the Glitter and Glow range a try? Let me know which shades you’re eyeing off in the comments below!

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