Post-Meccaland Anti-haul

For all the exciting new launches at Meccland, there were others that bored me. Here are the items I’m not going to buy once launched online and in stores at Mecca Maxima!

Too Faced Life’s a Festival collection

The unicorn trend is so early-2017 and is starting to feel very childish. I love a bit of cutesy packaging from time to time, but this collection crosses a line. It’s a no from me. And the same goes for the Tarte mermaid collection launching at Sephora Australia soon. Can we jump off the mythical-creature-inspired makeup bandwagon? Please?

Urban Decay Naked Heat Petite palette

Another warm-toned palette, but in mini size. I wasn’t drawn to the original Naked Heat, and the small matte version (with one shimmer) is even less impressive in my opinion. Can we please move on from this overdone trend, and leave it behind with the mermaids and unicorns already?

Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Collection

I want to get behind this range, especially because it involves makeup artist Vlada and her amazing drip lip artwork. However, I have enough glowy makeup items, so I don’t need anything more. I’m not a fan of shimmer drops or metallic lips, and the eyeshadow palette looks incredibly basic. The only things that remotely peeks my interest are the highlighters, and if I’m honest, it’s because of the packaging. Sorry Smashbox, I just can’t justify the spend!

What do you think of these product? Do you think I should reconsider any of them?

3 thoughts on “Post-Meccaland Anti-haul

  1. I actually just got the Too Faced Life is a Festival palette. As much as the mystical and mythical theme has been such a huge thing since 2017, the palette is beautiful. I think the colors and theme is fun since it’s directed toward festival season. Which always focuses on beautiful crazy looks. That being said I tested out a few of the products in store from that collection and some were pointless to me. But I’m loving the duo-chrome shadows in the palette and the highlighter in it is gorgeous. If you already have plenty of similar shades I’d definitely say skip it. But it’s cute, girly, and fun for spring/summer.

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    • Hey Jess 🙂 I saw a few swatches of the duochromes and agree they are gorgeous…sounds like the palette is a hit with lots of people in the beauty community! Agree with you about their being a few pointless products…the unicorn bronzer confused me with the odd combination!


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