Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss: St Tropez Review

If you’ve read my previous Anastasia Beverly Hills posts on Metallic Rose or Runway Red, you’ll already know how much I love Anastasia’s gloss formula. The thing I don’t love is that my Metallic Rose gloss broke, so not wanting to be without the shade, I headed into Sephora to pick up a new one. It was in store that I learned the glosses were being discontinued in Sephora Australia, so I decided to pick up another shade – St Tropez.

Anastasia has had a packaging change since the last gloss I purchased. The new tube has ‘Anastasia’ in a larger font size, and ‘Beverly Hills’ underneath is smaller and in a new non-cursive font style. The circle logo has been removed from the new tube too. You still receive the same amount of product and the rest of the packaging remains the same.

The same can be said for the formula. St Tropez is very pigmented with a one-swipe application, and has the same light vanilla scent to it.

The shade is a cool-toned berry-pink colour with a warm golden shimmer. On the lips it looks more pink, with a hint of gold reflect, adding dimension while still being everyday-friendly/wearable.

While Metallic Rose and St Tropez look similar in the tubes at a glance, you’ll notice Metallic Rose has pink shimmer and is lighter in colour, while St Tropez is a deeper pink with more finely-milled gold shimmer.

If you are in Australia and want to pick up one of these glosses, I suggest shopping online, as in-store stock is very limited. And if you can’t justify the price, I’ve been informed these glosses may be reduced, so keep an eye out on the website!

2 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss: St Tropez Review

  1. They are being discontinued in Australia?! That is horrible horrible news!! Luckily I live in Canada, phew… These glosses are seriously my HG. St. Tropez is a very pretty shade, although I find the formulation is a bit different from their glosses that were out before this one came out. It’s a bit thicker, which I don’t prefer, but it’s still gorgeous!

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