Makeup: it’s an investment

While shopping around for a new Home and Contents Insurance plan, my hubby suggested I get an estimate on how much my valuables cost. Considering how much money, time and effort has gone into my makeup collection over the last two or so years, I decided I’d get an approximate value on my stash. After an hour of cataloging each item (not including skincare, brushes or almost-used up items) into a spreadsheet, I was shocked to discover my collection was three times the cost (RRP) of my initial guesstimate. *insert flying money emoji here*


One of the most costly brands in my collection

So, my next question was, where did all this money go, or better yet, which brand got the biggest cut? Most of the results weren’t very surprising, which indicates I know my collection and spending habits a little too well!

Makeup brand chart breakdown

Becca Cosmetics got the top spot, taking up 18% percentage of my collection’s retail value, mostly thanks to all the highlighters I’ve accumulated!


Too Faced followed closely, only missing out on the top spot by a $12.50 (AUD) difference, despite me having more items from their range. Anastasia Beverly Hills and Urban Decay came in third and fourth at 10% each, and Hourglass finished in 5th place, thanks to the only two items I own from the brand: their pricey holiday face palettes!

I then wanted to break everything down by the type of product, to see which items I spent the most on. Eyeshadow palettes came out on top by a long shot, taking up almost a quarter of the collection’s value. Highlighters (compacts and palettes) took up 19%, with face palettes (I counted items that had three or more powders for this category) took up 11%.

Product chart breakdown

And lastly, my biggest curiousity – where do I spend the most at? I broke this down into five categories, but the two ones I was most interested in were Sephora and Mecca Maxima. Drum roll please…49% of the total cost of my collection comes from Mecca Maxima. Sephora follows not too far behind with 34% share of the cost.

Brand chart breakdown

As scary and time-consuming as this process was, it definitely opened my eyes to how much money I spend on makeup (along with gift cards I’ve won over the last two years), as well as how generous friends and family have been with gift giving (thank you for supporting this addiction)!

How does your beauty collection breakdown? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Makeup: it’s an investment

  1. Super interesting post! I’m a little scared to do this myself; don’t know if I wanna know how much I’ve spent :S Damn the makeup world for making it all so addictive and beautiful (but I love it) 🙂

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  2. Danke für Deine Review! Es ist schade, dass sich die Palette als so ein Flop herausgestellt hat. Ich hätte sie mir ungemein gern zugelegt, aber nehme jetzt höchstwahrscheinlich Abstand von einem Kauf. Zwar sind die Farben wunderschön und genau mein Beuteschema, aber 45 € ist mir die Palette für die von Dir beschriebene Qualität doch nicht wert. Als ich kurz nach dem Launch der Palette bei Sephora gewesen bin, war die Palette nicht im Aufsteller zu finden. Ich wollte sie mir unbedingt live anschauen. Ich hoffe, die anderen Produkte aus der Reihe sind qualitativ besser. Liebste Grüße!


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