Hit or Miss? FaceHalo Review

Six months ago, Australian beauty YouTuber Chloe Morello announced her partnership with FaceHalo, a product that claims to remove makeup without the use of traditional makeup removers.


My move to cruelty free makeup has also encouraged me to look at environmentally-friendly alternatives to some of the products I use, which is where the FaceHalo really caught my interest. The FaceHalo is designed to last up to 200 machine washes and replaces around 500 makeup wipes when it comes to land fill.


It’s also much more gentle on the skin, as you just need water and a FaceHalo to remove makeup (no chemicals!). No rubbing or scrubbing either – just gentle circular motions to get the product to work its magic.


I ordered one pack of FaceHalos, and they arrived within a few days of ordering. In a pack, you get three FaceHalos for $30 AUD (shipping was free), which works out to be over a year’s worth of makeup removing, depending on how often you use them and how well they are looked after. I know I spend at least $30 every three months on makeup wipes, so that’s definitely a big saving for me!


Brand new FaceHalo v.s. one that has been used and washed a few times

I’ve tried the FaceHalo a few times, but for the purpose of this review I did a few swatches of liquid lipsticks (some of my most stubborn), eyeshadows, eyeliner and concealer along my arm, then tried to remove the swatches with a FaceHalo, then tried again with a regular makeup wipe.


It was easier and gentler to remove the makeup using a FaceHalo, although I did have to rub a little harder than I usually would (thanks to the stubborn, freshly applied liquid lipstick swatches!) I found the FaceHalo removed all the swatches nicely, and my arm only had the faintest red mark along it (which I realised was from the rubbing than leftover makeup). I recommend using warm water for stubborn items, and really soaking the FaceHalo for this, as per their instructions.


I spent longer removing the swatches with a makeup wipe, and while it managed to remove most of the makeup, there was still a little left on my arm (barely visible to my eyes). I used the other side of the FaceHalo to pick up the leftover makeup. The biggest issue I have with makeup wipes is the residue left behind, and after scrubbing at the swatches, there was plenty of residue remaining.


You can see the FaceHalo really worked to pick up the makeup, and I’d describe it as being able to consistently grab at the product, as opposed to the wipe that was more patchy.


To spot clean, I simply take hand soap and run the FaceHalo under running water, rubbing the halo together to remove the makeup stains. I find doing this gets rid of the majority of the stains, but for anything stubborn, I pop it in the wash machine once the worst has been removed.

If you are looking for something more gentle on the skin when it comes to removing makeup, and gentler on the environment, I recommend giving FaceHalo a go. And if you’ve tried a makeup remover like this before, let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Hit or Miss? FaceHalo Review

  1. I haven’t tried the FaceHalo (only recently heard about it!), but I’ve been using my MakeUpEraser for a while and I loooove it!! It removes everything and is large enough to remove 3 times a full face of makeup. Will never go back to disposable options 🙂 -xox-

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