Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette review & swatches

When I saw Too Faced was coming out with a chocolate gold collection, specifically the eyeshadow palette, I knew I had to grab it! I love my Bon Bons palette, and after hearing many good things about the item, I was counting down the days until it landed in Australia at Mecca Maxima.


I thought my Chocolate Bon Bons palette had amazing packaging with it’s heart-shaped pans, but the new Chocolate Gold palette takes the award for best packaging in my collection.


While the palette is made of a hard plastic, as opposed to the usual tin packaging larger Too Faced palettes are known for, the faux gold dripping down half of the chocolate-inspired case more than makes up for the plastic packaging!


Inside you get a full-sized mirror with the Too Faced logo in pink at the top of the palette, along with 16 eyeshadows – 4 matte shades and 12 foiled metallic shades, with each pan encased in the same faux gold as the outside.


Just like all their other chocolate items, this one smells like cocoa powder. It also apparently has real gold infused into the shadows. I doubt there’s much in there for the price though!


Money Bags is a forest green shade with a satin-shimmer finish. The closest match I had in my collection is Central Perk from the Too Faced Eggnog Latte Holiday 2016 palette (being decluttered), which is noticably darker and not as pigmented as Money Bags.

Chocolate Gold is a vibrant yellow gold shadow with a foiled finish. This shade was extremely pigmented when finger swatched.

Rich Girl is a pewter-gold shade with a high-shine metallic finish. The closest dupe I have is the shade Cafe Au Lait from the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette. As you can see from the third image, it’s less pigmented and leans more towards a pewter colour.

Cocoa Truffle is a medium-toned warm brown with a matte finish. On my fair skin, it’s the perfect deeper transition shade for the crease area.

Decadent is a matte black shadow, and was the only disappointment in the palette. Its pigmentation wasn’t all that great, but it still blends out enough to do the job.

Love & Cocoa is a warm shimmery rusty-brown shade (apologies for the odd lighting for the pan photo) and is another fantastically pigmented shadow.

Old Money is a orange-gold shimmer shadow with a warm undertone (again, apologies for the pan photo). The closest dupe I had in my collection was Gingersnap from the Too Faced Gingerbread Cookie Holiday 2016 palette (being decluttered). Gingersnap is slightly darker than Old Money.

New Money is a bright fuchsia shimmer shadow with a cool undertone, and has a slight hint of purple in it (yet again, the pan photo looks more purple, but the shade is definitely fuchsia). The closest shade matches I own are Totally Fetch from the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, as well as I ❤ TF from the Totally Cute palette.

Famous is a caramel-gold shimmer shade (another weird-coloured pan photo – sorry!)

Classy & Sassy is a metallic rose-gold shadow (once again, sorry about the pan photo!), and is almost a lighter version of Love & Cocoa.

So Boujee is a lighter transition matte brown shadow with a warm undertone. It’s not a unique colour by any means, but it’s a staple shade in building most eye looks. I also love the name!

Holla for a Dolla is a dirty moss-green shade with a shimmer finish, and is a perfect partner to Money Bags!

Gold Dipped is a dark-champagne gold with a high-shine metallic finish.

Livin’ Lavish is a plum shade with a shimmery finish. The pigmentation on this shade surprised me, as I find most purple eyeshadows lack colour payoff. As you can see from the swatches, both Black Currant (Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons) and Meow! (Too Faced Totally Cute) have no way near the same amount of pigmentation.

Drippin’ Diamonds is a frosty silver metallic shade, and is one of my favourites from the palette. It’s been years since I’ve owned a true silver eyeshadow (reminds me of 2009-Amy!) so I really appreciate that this was included in the palette’s shade selection.

Rollin’ in Dough is your typically pale cream shadow with a matte finish, making it perfect to set the lid area, or highlight the brow bone.

It’s well-known in the makeup community that Too Faced palettes have been real hits or misses in the last year or so, but when I saw the reviews online, I started to hope this palette might be their ‘come-back’.

All the foiled shimmers

All the foiled shadows – so much pigmentation!

I’m happy to say this palette has restored some of my faith in Too Faced, and if they can come out with more quality products like this one, I’ll continue to support the brand. Well done Too Faced on another wonderful addition to the Chocolate Bar family.


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