Tarte Blush Bazaar palette: review & swatches

In my This or That? holiday post, I mentioned I wanted to pick up Tarte’s Blush Bazaar palette because of its shade selection. I decided to wait until it went on sale, and ended up heading into Sephora to pick it up at 30% off on Christmas Eve. Tarte was offering it for less than half price online, but since it’s now sold out, I suggest going in store if you’re chasing one.


It comes in Mediterranean-style packaging, featuring gold, purple, teal, pink and black colours. One the inside you get a circular palette with an inverted print compared to the outer packaging.


Within the palette you get two highlights and two blushes, surrounded by faux gold packaging. There’s also a handy plastic divider between each side to prevent the blushes mixing.IMG_20171224_143422.jpg

Each pan contains 2.4 grams of product, giving you a total of 24 grams of product. This means you are getting the equivalent of three full sized blushes. The pans.are a little smaller than a deluxe sample sized tarte blush, leading me to believe the pans are deep, making the palette travel-friendly.


Starting with the top section of the palette, we have Whimsical, Angelic, Fortunate, Skillful and Exhilarating. This side features blushes slightly warmer in tone, with a darker highlight.

Whimsical is a glittering gold highlight, and while it looked a little chunky in the pan, I found it applied nicely to the skin.


Angelic is a mauve nude-brown blush shade, with warm undertones. It’s the most natural-looking shade in the palette.


Fortunate is a true light coral-peach shade with warm undertones.


Skillful is a neutral mauve-nude shade, and I can see myself reaching for this one a lot!


Exhilarating is a bright pinky-nude shade.


In the bottom section of the palette, we have Worthy, Authentic, Endless, Dainty and Extraordinary. This side features more cool-toned blushes, with one shimmery blush (warm toned) and a light highlight.

Worthy is a soft champagne highlight.


Authentic is a cool-toned pinky-mauve shade.


Endless is a medium-deep rosy-mauve shade.


Dainty is a cool-toned muted pink shade.


Extraordinary is a shimmery peach blush with warm undertones. It reminds me a little of Orgasm from Nars.


My only complaint with the blushes is that some of them are similar in colour (e.g. Skillful and Endless), so it would have been nice to see a few more shimmery or satin finishes, that way similar shades would have another point of difference.


Top to bottom: Whimsical, Angelic, Fortunate, Skillful, Exhilarating, Endless, Dainty, Extraordinary, Worthy, Authentic

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Tarte Blush Bazaar palette. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve picked up anything from their holiday range!

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