Too Faced Totally Cute palette: review, swatches & comparison

Funny story, I bought this palette a few months ago, and returned it even before trying it out. I talked myself out of it, and said I didn’t need it for the $52 price tag. Needless to say, I’m glad I gave it a second chance!


This is one of Too Faced’s cutesy-est palettes to date, thanks to their unusual approach with palette cover art. Instead of their adorable concept art like the Peanutbutter and Jelly palette (see: the cutest piece of toast ever), you receive a plain pastel pink tin, with Too Faced raised in purple writing. Pretty underwhelming, but that’s where the stickers come in. Yes, stickers.


My initial thoughts were decorating my own palette would be cool – I’m pretty creative, and I did like the idea of customising the artwork. However the execution felt a little childish, and had me stressing over sticker placement – I didn’t spend my hard-earned cash only to stuff up the palette’s aesthetics! While happy with the final result, I definitely would have preferred a graphic designer to do the work, as the stickers may  peel up after a while from frequent use.


At the end of the day though, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! The palette has a total of 9 eyeshadows, with three highlighting shades, three bright lid shades, and three deeper crease shades. The pans have been laid out and labelled in such a way so that you can easily create three different looks titled Ice-cream Cutie, Lucky Girl and Totally Cute (the glamour guide included with the palette has instructions for these looks).


Double Scoop is a matte, pale beige shade with a neutral undertone. It swatched well, but needed to be built up for true pigmentation.

Shooting Star is a champange-coloured shimmery shadow, and can be easily foiled onto the skin with a finger swatch or damp brush.

Unicorn is a white-based highlight with a pink iridescent reflect. I did hit hard pan with this shadow after swatching it, but it’s nothing a bit of sticky tape can’t fix. I also love this for a cheek highlight.

Bunny Fu-Fu is a warm-toned burnt orange shade, and reminds me of Burnt Umber from the Modern Renaissance palette. This matte shade swatched a little patchy, but still blended fairly well.

Chocolate Donut is a classic matte dark brown with a warm, red undertone. It swatched similarly to Bunny Fu-Fu.

Clover is a foiled apple green shade, and is my personal favourite from the palette. It does need to be built up to get that beautiful intensity, but it applied beautifully to the skin.

Storm Cloud surprised me with it’s unique duo-chrome appearance. It’s a deep teal/blue-grey shade with a brown flip. It had the best pigmentation out of all the shadows.

I ❤ TF is a classic cool-toned Barbie pink infused with silver glitters (these are hard to see once swatched). It wasn’t as pigmented as I’d hoped, but can be built up.

Meow! is a dark blackberry shade that looks closer to a very deep brown when swatched. It also had a nice amount of shimmer to it.

I can safely say this is the best Too Faced palette I’ve tried when it comes to formulation, especially with the shimmery pops of colour. While you can use this palette on it’s own, I find it works even better with an additional palette for more options when it comes to blending colours together.


I compared a couple of shades against others from my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, and although the ones I compared looked very similar in their pans, when swatched out they were noticeably different.

I ❤ TF v.s. Totally Fetch

Totally Fetch is a darker pink, and had to be built up more to see it’s true colour. I ❤ TF applied much easier to the skin when swatched, and didn’t need to be built up as much.


Storm Cloud v.s. Earl Grey

I thought these would be identical when looking at them in the pans, however when swatched, Storm Cloud had stronger pigmentation, and was a lot more foiled. Earl Grey is more of a dark teal shade, while Storm Cloud is very much a duo-chrome (a closer dupe for it would be MAC’s blue brown pigment).


Shooting Star v.s. Satin Sheets

These two shades where the most different when swatched, despite sharing lots of similarities in their pans. Shooting Star is more pigmented, and is a true champange shade, while Satin Sheets is more of a pale white gold colour.


What do you think of this palette and the customisable element? Are the stickers a nice touch or a little too cutesy for your liking?


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