Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar Review

While in Japan, I picked up the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar from Lush Cosmetics, to treat myself to a relaxing bubble bath after two exciting days in Disneyland. Since we don’t have a bathtub at home, every chance I get to have a bath, I run to Lush to pick up something new to try!

Candy Mountain has the classic Snow-Fairy scent (bubblegum, sugary fragrance) from Lush’s Christmas range. It’s a cone-shaped bubble bar, with a pink and white spiral going from bottom to top, and features iridescent lustre glitter like some of their other products, like the shower gel I reviewed recently.

This bubble bar produces heaps of bubbles, and I was able to get two giant bubble baths out of one bar, but I’m sure you could ration this to three or four. The water goes a soft lilac colour, and the glitter seems to dissolve into the water.

My skin felt soft after the bath, and while the Snow Fairy scent lingers, it’s not as strong as shower gel scent, most likely because it’s diluted in water.

I’ve tried a few products from the Lush Christmas range, but is there anything else I should try while it’s in stock? Let me know in the comments below!

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