Colourful highlighter collection & recommendations

I love a good pink highlighter, in fact, I’d pick it over a traditional champagne or pale gold one! But there are so many other shades out there too that make for a fun pop of colour. Here are mine:



With its strong, cool undertones, a lilac highlight is perfect for those with fair skin. Becca’s Prismatic Amethyst looks awesome, but is still totally wearable. And for those who like a blinding highlight, Sleek Makeup has a shade called Hemisphere in their Solstice palette.


Hemisphere (Sleek Makeup) and Prismatic Amethyst (Becca)


Moving along the colour wheel, we have possible the coolest of tones – both visually and metaphorically. I love blue highlighters, particularly in the winter time. I recommend Rhinestone from Sleek Makeup’s Midas Touch palette for a true blue highlight.


Rhinestone (Sleek Makeup)


I find green highlights are hard to come by when looking at individual compacts, and are usually found in palettes like the Kat Von D Alchemist or Zoeva’s Winter Strobe Spectrum palette. I picked up Perilune from Colourpop’s Super Shock range, which is a pretty pastel green shade with a green-gold duo-chrome flip. I definitely feel we have room for more green highlighters though!


Perilune (Colourpop)


Skipping yellow in the colour spectrum (it’s a pretty common highlight shade, isn’t it?), we move to orange. Like green, I feel there isn’t many choices of this particular colour. Those with medium to keep skintones look amazing in this shade thanks to it’s warmer undertones. Equinox from Sleek Makeup’s Solstice palette is a pale orange highlight, while Daydream from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit is a true peachy-orange highlight.


Equinox (Sleek Makeup) and Daydream (Anastasia Beverly Hills)


Last but not least, we have pink highlighters. I find pinks are some of the most universally flattering, as they can be cool like Sleek Makeup’s Midas Touch palette’s Tanzanite shade, or warm like Colourpop’s Teasecake, or somewhere in between like Becca’s Rose Quartz or Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit’s Kittykat shade.


Tanzanite (Sleek Makeup), Kittykat (ABH), Rose Quartz (Becca) and Teasecake (Colourpop)

All-in-one rainbow

If you still aren’t sure what colour is your favourite, try picking up a palette with a few colour options, or go for a rainbow highlighter! So many brands have jumped on this trend, including Models Prefer, who came out with a Mineral Touch Rainbow highlighter. You can easily separate the shades out, or mix them all together for a frosty silver finish.


Individual shades from the compact, and mixed together at the bottom

What’s your favourite colour highlighter? Let me know in the comments below!

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