Mecca Beauty Loop: Mecca20 (Spring 2017)

In celebration of Aussie makeup giant Mecca turning 20, this quarter’s Beauty Loop contained one or more full sized products, depending on which level members are on. As a Level 3 member, I was blessed in receiving two full sized Mecca products!


Mecca Cosmetica Lip de-Luscious

This little pot brings back childhood memories when I had my trusty Avon pink balm pot. While this type of lip product isn’t the most sanitary, I do like it overall. The packaging has a nice weight to it, and I love the frosted glass container the balm comes in.


It gives a nice amount of hydration (without being too heavy on the lips), and provides a very sheer wash of colour in the form of a glossy pink tint. One of these pots normally costs $28 in store, so I feel like this is a generous freebie on its own. Level 1 members got this in their Beauty Loop this quarter too.


Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Illuminating Drops

This product is marketed as being customisable, ultra-pigmented and illuminating drops. I don’t think drops is the right term for this product though, as it comes in pump form (I was expecting a dropper) and is more of a serum-based cream than a straight-up liquid.

I find the product is pigmented, and for that reason I feel it’s best applied by being mixed into a primer or foundation, rather than on its own. I also found it didn’t soak in as quickly as I expected, so I wouldn’t use this as a solo serum.


For its $45 price tag, I think it’s an extremely generous gift, but not one I would repurchase myself. For added luminousity, I’d rather invest $20 extra into Becca’s First Light Primer for an illuminating base. That being said, I’ll still use this as a foundation mix-in when I want a really dewy finish.

As a final note, I’d like to say a big thank you for Mecca for another great Beauty Loop box, and well done on selecting products that will suit all skintones, as well as most skin types. Happy 20th Birthday Mecca!


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