Biggest Mecca Maxima comes to Brisbane

In the makeup community, Australia is usually one of the last places to get cool new releases…if we are lucky to get them at all. And even when we get new stores like Sephora, the bigger cities (Sydney and Melbourne) are the first places on the map to benefit. But on Friday, the largest Mecca Maxima ever opened it’s doors in the heart of Brisbane. Of course, I had to be there for the grand opening!

2.45am: Alarm went off. Hobbled out of bed and fumbled around in the dark gathering makeup and snacks. Best friend Emily already wide awake and doing her makeup.

3.40am: Arrive outside Mecca Maxima. Only 83 people in the line so far, which means we are definitely receiving a free Urban Decay palette (yes, first 1,000 people in line will get the Naked Smoky)! Time to lay out the picnic rug and apply makeup.


5am(ish): Get moved into the pink carpeted area just outside the store front. There’s probably around 150-200 people by now.

5.45am: DJ starts up the music. The Mecca girls beginning coming out with pink tote bags. In each tote bag we are given a Beauty Junkie cap, Mecca Maxima UNO cards, a bottle of water, chocolate bar, pen, store map and clappers.

6am: Given our numbers to claim the Urban Decay palette (yay!) I’m finally able to go to the toilet now that my place in line is secured. Coffee and hot chocolate in adorable Mecca cups start getting passed out.

7am: Eye masks and stick-on gems are being applied to those of us in the pink carpeted area. Eye masks are needed for a lot of the girls who had camped out over night. Gems were a nice touch to my makeup!

7.20am: One of the hosts gets us up and moving with our Mecca clappers. Lots of talk on our favourite brands and what we’ll be getting our hands on first.

7.45am: Reapply lip gloss and check the store map for the third time.

8.30am(ish): Mecca girls come around with sunscreen and facial mists as the sun starts to come out and warm us up. They definitely took care of the crowd (and did a much better job than Sephora Chermside in my opinion).


It’s almost time to walk down the pink carpet!

8.59am: Count down to store opening. Lots of screaming. Bursts of pink confetti rain down from above. The world’s largest Mecca Maxima is…

9am: Open! We got let in with the second group of people. Very crowded inside, but not too bad as we start to move through the store.

9.45am: Purchases finally made. Urban Decay palette claimed. Beauty Bank prize collected. One very happy #MeccaBeautyJunkie and her best friend are ready to go home!

To sum up, I had a really positive and enjoyable experience waiting for my favourite makeup store to open its doors. No one likes waiting, but the staff at Mecca ensured we were taken care of, and so the time passed pretty quickly. The first 1,000 promotion was incredibly generous, as was the Beauty Bank (spend over $85 for a lucky dip). It was 100% worth getting up before 3am to be part of this event!

Mecca Snapchat Filter

Mecca Maxima’s Snapchat Geofilter

Big thanks to Mecca Maxima for an amazing store opening Stay tuned for blog posts in the coming weeks on each item bought/won! 

3 thoughts on “Biggest Mecca Maxima comes to Brisbane

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  3. This is so fun! I love events like this! I actually just posted about two makeup events, the Sephora VIB Rouge Holiday Preview (posted yesterday) and the Urban Decay Birthday Bash (posted today) that I went to recently, if you are at all curious. Mecca sounds like a really amazing retailer from your experience at this event!

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