Mecca Max Kiss and Tell Plumping Lip Mask Review

It’s been a little while since I tried a lip mask, and after discovering Mecca Maxima now sells their own in their new Mecca Max range, I decided to test it out!

For those of you outside Australia and New Zealand, Mecca Maxima is a beauty store very similar to Ulta and Sephora (stocking a range of makeup, skincare and perfume). They’ve recently launched their own line of beauty products, which range from around the $5-$50 AUD mark. And the best part is they are cruelty-free!

I purchased the lip mask for $7 AUD, which isn’t too bad when cheap brands on eBay sell for a few Australian dollars each. It comes in sealed plastic, and the rubbery mask sits in a little pool of a serum-like liquid within the packaging. It is meant to be for single use, but if you place it back in the packaging and seal it in a zip lock bag, you could get a cheeky second or third use out of one.

I placed the mask over my lips for the recommended 10-20 minutes, and at first it had a cooling sensation, with the slightest tingle. I think this is where it gets it’s “plumping” properties, but after 20 minutes, I didn’t notice a significant amount of added fullness. However, I noticed it moisturised my lips and left them feeling softer. It’s for this reason I would repurchase the mask again for those days when lip balm just isn’t enough.

Have you tried any cruelty-free lip masks? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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