DIY Bling Makeup Organiser

This is my super simple DIY of how I “blinged out” my makeup organisers. I find acrylic organisers can sometimes look a little plain or cheap on their own, so I decided to decorate the ones on display.

What you’ll need:

  • acrylic makeup organiser
  • stick on rhinestone strips
  • clear glue suitable for gems and plastic (optional)
  • tweezers

How to achieve a sparkly organiser:

  1. Give the organiser a quick wipe down to remove any dust or marks.
  2. For organisers with little knobs, start by covering the handles with crystals. Use larger rhinestones for the two middle ‘knobs’ by cutting individual one gem strips.
  3. Then place strips along the bar, and then around the edges. You can leave the under sides bare, as no one will see this part. It also means less chance of rhinestones falling off with frequent usage.
  4. For organisers with thin edges, add rhinestones all along the edging, pressing firmly as you go. I suggest working in sections to get your lines neat. For any tricky to reach places, use tweezers to guide the adhesive strip/s into place.
  5. If there are any rhinestones struggling to adhere properly, go back over the spot with some glue and press firmly into place. I found I needed to do this with the larger rhinestones.
  6. Pop the makeup in and enjoy! This DIY also makes for a fabulous gift, so I’ve made my Mum one 🙂

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