ColourPop Third Birthday Release: I hope it’s a pony Review

In May, ColourPop turned three, and celebrated in typical ColourPop fashion – lots of promotions and a few limited edition releases including the “I want a pony” birthday bag, and their birthday eyeshadow.

As someone who works in marketing, presentation is important to me, and it doesn’t get much cuter than this for a third party. Silver stars for the outer packaging, and little sprinkles on the inner packaging…just adorable!

For all purchases over $10, you were gifted their limited edition birthday eyeshadow (which couldn’t be purchased separately). Previous years saw Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy make an appearance, and this year’s shadow followed a similar naming convention with Birthday Cake.


Birthday Cake

This eyeshadow is a rose gold/pink shade which would flatter all skin tones. It looks darker in the pan but swatches out lighter and brighter.

At a glance, it looked similar to ColourPop’s Sequin, but once swatched out, you’ll notice Sequin is more of a copper shade, rather than a rosy colour.

Onto what’s in the swag bag! For $35, you get three limited edition Ultra Glossy Lips, four limited edition pressed eyeshadows, and one super shock highlighter, which works out to be about $4.50 per item.


The Big 3

The Big 3 is a cool icy white shade with a green/blue iridescent shift to it. It works beautifully as an inner corner highlight – or for fair to light skin tones, as a winter-y cheek highlight.

Cake Walk

Cake Walk is a lilac eyeshadow with an iridescent blue shift to it. I felt this lacked some pigmentation compared to the other three shadows. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty lid shade, and perfect for Spring!


Rager is a yellow-gold with a tiny amount of green shift. I think this would look best as a brow bone highlight on medium skin tones due to its warm tone.

Party Favours

Party Favours  is a light but bright orange shade with an orange-peach shift. It had fantastic pigmentation when swatch and I feel this is the most universally flattering of the four.


Bash is a mid-tone pink with silver and pink shimmers through the floss. I’d say it’s the most wearable of the three on its own, or over the top of a lipstick.


RSVP is a light ink shade with an iridescent green flip to it It reminds me of the 90s, and I think it looks groovy, especially as a topper.


Wishes is a fuchsia coloured gloss with a light indigo flip to it. This is the most unique of the three, but still wearable if you apply just one coat!

Blow Me Out

I was intimated by how dark this looked in the pan, but when swatch out, it isn’t too bad even for us pale ladies. It’s a few shades darker than Becca’s Champagne Pop, but with a very light hand, I could make it work. However, I think this would look better on deeper skintones, so those medium or more beauties rejoice; this is a highlighter for you!

I compared it to Churro, another “darker” highlight I own, and Blow Me Out definitely has more of a gold tone to it. Both highlighters are better suited to deeper skin colours, but can still work for lighter ladies.

All up, I think ColourPop did a fabulous job of their birthday collection by catering to a range of skintones, as well as keeping to a fun birthday theme of pastels and lots of shimmer.

Did you get your hands on this release? Which was your favourite item? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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