Models Prefer Unicorn Collection Review

A year ago, created the first ever rainbow highlighter. Everyone got swept up in the madness, including myself! I even tried to create my own rainbow highlighter. Fast forward to 2017, and brands everywhere have jumped on this trend, including Models Prefer.


Unlike other rainbow highlighters on the market, Models Prefer have created a more pastel rainbow, rather than an overly pigmented or bright one, so I feel this is pretty wearable.

The individual colours have an icy white base to them, but each shade is distinctively different. When each is swatched out side by side, the rainbow comes to life and looks especially gorgeous when in the light. This is a very powdery product though, so be sure to blend out the highlight.

When swirled together, the highlight turns into an icy white-silver with a blue-green reflect to it. I feel like this suits fair skin tones best, as the white really comes through when swirled around.

The compact did feel a little cheap, but for 10 grams of product, I can’t really complain. It’s not the cheapest of rainbow highlights, but it falls within drugstore pricing!


Onto the brush, this beauty does a fantastic job with most powdered makeup,. I feel this is best for applying foundation, blush or bronzer – but they’ve come out with four more brushes for highlight, contour and eyeshadow.

The brush has more weight to it than I expected, and the bristles are super soft (not to mention very pretty!) If you are after brushes that look good and are functional, try these unicorn brushes.

I am very happy I was able to pick these up, and hope to get another brush or two if they go on sale!

Have you tried out any rainbow highlighters? Let me know in the comments below!

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