Too Faced La Creme Lipstick: Unicorn Tears Review

After a Mecca Maxima employee told me Too Faced Unicorn Tears would be discontinued from the La Creme lipstick line by October this year, I knew I had to add this unique shade to my makeup stash!

The packaging is super luxe for a lipstick. It’s got weight to it, with a frosted gold finish, and has that overall ‘high quality feel’. The iconic TF logo is set on the cap, along with the Too Faced logo raised across the front. It also has a sliding click-shut feature.

Inside is a pastel-blue lipstick shade with a blue/mint-green fine glitter shift. When swatched, the baby blue colour shifts to a lilac shade, kind of iridescent. After a few hours of wear, my lips have a beautiful blush tone to them, with a little bit of shimmer left over.

The actual formula is very creamy, and the glitters in it don’t seem to be an issue even when thickly applied. You can get away with wearing this on it’s own if you lightly tap it over the lips, or as a topper over another shade of lipstick.

Unicorn Tears swatched on its own

I’d class this as the most unique shade I own, but it’s definitely not an essential (unless like me you’re a little bit ‘extra’ with your makeup collection!). If you don’t like the shade, the La Creme formula is still worth checking out (Nude Beach and Naked Dolly are next on my list from this range!).

Have you tried any of these? Let me know you’re favourite shade in the comments below!

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