Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed: Prismatic Amethyst

The unicorn highlighter trend is becoming a thing for lots of makeup brands, and I’m loving all this bandwagon jumping! A few months ago, Becca announced a new Shimmering Skin Perfector would be launching soon, and believe me when I say I’ve been refreshing the “New” tab every few days on the Sephora Australia website for the last month. Now I’m finally able to share in the unicorn magic that is Prismatic Amethyst!

In typical Becca fashion (gorgeous, luxurious packaging), the highlighter comes boxed in a lavender holographic packaging. It’s style is almost identical to Rose Quartz, which Becca released last year.

Inside you’ll find a mirrored lavender compact, which is again similar in style to Rose Quartz, as well as the Champagne Split pans from the Becca x Jaclyn Hill collaboration. This is truly a collector’s item, and looks beautiful as part of a vanity display.

The highlighter itself has the same shard pattern embossed into the top of the product, giving it slightly less product weight (Becca’s Skin Perfectors usually have about 8 grams of product, while Prismatic Amethyst and Rose Quartz only have 7 grams each).

The highlight is a soft lilac shade, with a strong pale pink shift to it. The duochrome effect looks absolutely stunning when it catches the light, but it’s still very wearable.

Now let’s compare it to Rose Quartz. Just by looking at the pans side-by-side, you’ll notice Prismatic Amethyst is much lighter in shade, and has a cooler undertone.

The only other purple highlight I have in my collection to compare this to is Hemisphere in the Sleek Solstice Highlighting palette. This looks like a deeper purple in the pan, but swatches out lighter, and has a silver-white shift to it, so it’s completely different to Prismatic Amethyst.

Compared to it’s sister Shimmering Skin Perfector, Rose Quartz has a pink base with a rose-gold shift to it, and isn’t as “bright” as Prismatic Amethyst.

Top to bottom: Hemisphere, Prismatic Amethyst & Rose Quartz

If you have fair, light or light-medium skin with cool undertones, I think this product will work fabulously for you. While I’ve heard those with deeper skin tones might find the product a little ashy-looking, Becca’s skin tone swatches ‘highlight’ the fact anyone should be able to wear this product (I suggest going in store first if you aren’t completely sold on those swatches!)

To conclude, I’m so happy I was able to get my hands on this product, as I nearly missed out on the Rose Quartz release. It suits my fair skin perfectly, and I’m very excited to use it, particularly over the winter and spring time.

Have you tried Prismatic Amethyst yet? I would love to hear your thoughts on this product in the comments below!

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