Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit Review

I originally thought I didn’t need this highlighting palette, but after seeing two of my favourite honest YouTubers give this their tick of approval, I quickly decided it was a must-have in my collection!

This was probably one of the fastest product launches to land in Sephora Australia, only about a month after the US release!

The kit comes in a gorgeous glittery pale-pink case, and once removed you are left with the same coloured packaging. It’s one of the prettiest backgrounds I’ve seen, and I think they did a fabulous job with the design (as always with ABH). The logo is embossed into the cardboard-plastic packaging, and ‘Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit’ in holographic silver.

Like other glow kits, this one does not come with a mirror, which isn’t a big deal, but would have been a nice extra. Inside you have six highlighters, with 4.5 grams of product in each pan. This palette works out to be much cheaper than other comparable brands, such as Becca, which charges about $60 for 8 grams of product in their single compacts.

Kitty Kat is a light peachy-pink warm-toned highlighter, and is probably the most universally flattering shade in the palette. So far this one is my favourite!

abh_ng_kitty kat

Forever Young is a beige-champagne neutral-toned highlight, and looks like it would suit light to medium skin tones best. Looking at it in the pan, it reminds me of theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer!

abh_ng_forever young

Daydream is the most unique shade in the palette, and is a warm-toned peach shade with gold glitters. I felt this one wasn’t suitable as a highlight for my skin tone, but very wearable as an eyeshadow or even as a blush topper.

abh_ng_day dream

Forever Lit is a white, cool-toned highlight with a very slight blue iridescent shift to it. Definitely a pale girl highlighter, and something for the inner corner on all skin tones.

abh_ng_forever lit

Glo Getter is a true golden highlight, and reminds me of Becca’s Champagne Pop, only much deeper in tone. I can get away with wearing this as a highlighter, provided I use a very light hand!

abh_ng_glo getter

143 is the darkest highlight in the palette, and is a bronze-gold shade with warm undertones. This is definitely too dark for me, but makes for a beautiful eyeshadow.


I feel the price ($65 AUD) is reasonable for what you get, provided you can make most (if not all) of the shades work for you. 3-4 of the shades are true highlights on me, while the other two will be used as eyeshadows/blush toppers. All up, I’m really impressed by the quality of each highlighter, as they are super buttery and pigmented.

Have you tried any of the ABH Glow Kits? Let me know your favourite in the comments below!

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