NYX Micro Brow Review

Priceline’s 40% off cosmetics sale was a pretty dangerous deal for my wallet. I’m happy to report only $30 of damage was done, with four products in total picked up. One of them was the NYX Micro Brow pen.

One one end you’ve got a thin kohl tip, which applies smoothly to the brows. On the other end, you have a brush brisble tip, which is perfect for smoothing out the product and shaping your brow hairs into place.

My only minor gripe is the lip on the brush end – it’s definitely not essential, and I feel like it’s something they really didn’t need to include. I’ll probably toss that lid, as it’s just an extra step when using the pen.

I picked up ‘Chocolate’, which is a little too dark and warm toned for my natural brown colour, but with a light hand, I can just get away with it. Mental note to self: don’t take this risk with a $38 ABH one!

While I haven’t tried the ABH Brow Wiz yet (due to it being twice the price), the NYX one is look like it could possibly be a good dupe for it! Definitely let me know if you’ve tried both, and which one works best for you!

One thought on “NYX Micro Brow Review

  1. I have tried both, and I honestly would pick this NYX one over the ABH because the quality is very similar. The only difference I’ve noticed is that ABH is little smoother, but the NYX pencil is so great, especially considering the price.

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