Lush Shower Jelly Review: Needles and Pines

I was perplexed to hear of a soap that was in the form of a jelly. Like most skincare and cosmetics though, my curiousity got the better of me, and so I bought Needles and Pines from Lush’s Shower Jelly range.

A 100 gram pot retails for $7.95, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Note you can get 250 grams for $12.95, but I feel like that size is too much to hold onto in the shower. The 100 gram size is just right to fit into the palm of the hand.

The Needles and Pines scent is nicely refreshing, but didn’t have the tingly sensation I was expecting for the name of the product. The strongest notes are Pine Needles and Cyprus Leaf, Grapefruit oil and Cedarwood oil. If you like clean, refreshing “earthy” smells, this is definitely the scent for you.

But onto the texture. This is identical to an edible jelly; it wibbles and wobbles and is pretty slippery to hold. You definitely need a firm grip on this type of product, but it’s not that different to using normal bar soap. And if it does slip out of your hand, I’m happy to report it holds its shape even after hitting the tiles. I was going to recommend this for kids, but I think for showers, it’s best for them to stick with something less slippery (although as a kid, this would have made shower time so much more fun!)

Have you tried one of Lush’s shower jellies. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Lush Shower Jelly Review: Needles and Pines

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