Lush Golden Handshake hot hand mask

It’s no secret that I get sucked in because of pretty packaging. You would have thought a ton of glitter would have made me wary (hello glitter bomb), but it’s good looks got the better of me.

This is designed to relief dry hands, and leave them feeling super soft after a warm treatment from soaking. Here are my thoughts on the process.

I took a bowl and filled it with boiling (yes, I wasn’t going to muck around) water. It took the hand melt a good five minutes to melt into the water completely, and another 15 minutes before it formed a paste consistency (and cooled down enough).

lush_golden handshade treatment

I stuck my hands in the mix and allowed them to soak, as well as massaging my hands together to really get the treatment to work it’s magic (the bowl was kind of small for a proper hand soak!) I allowed my hands to soak for the recommended 15 minutes, before drying them with paper towels.

lush_golden handshade treatment1

It had a pretty thick consistency


My hands came out feeling super soft and moisturised, however they were also really wrinkly from being in the treatment for so long – not a big deal, but that did take away from the experience.

It had a thick coating once applied to the skin

Also the amount of effort that goes into the treatment between boiling, melting, cooling, soaking and then cleaning it all up was a bit of work for what you get. I have heard you can reuse the mixture, but decided I wasn’t prepared for another round. So for $7.95 AUD, this wasn’t worth the money in my opinion. I think I’d prefer a hand sheet-mask, which is a lot less work and clean up.

What do you think of hand soaks/treatments? Are they worth the price and the effort? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lush Golden Handshake hot hand mask

  1. I’ve never tried Golden Handshake, but would love to! It’s the only hand mask that Lush do, so must give it a go. Wish they did more though – but for the price I think it sounds pretty neat! I’ve also heard of people putting the mixture in the fridge and reusing it for a few days? Love Lush reviews, I write loads over on my blog if you’d like to read some 🙂

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