Glamglow Sonic the Hedgehog Gravity Mud mask

I’ve tried a bunch of Glamglow’s masks and can confidently say the only two I really enjoy are the Gravity Mud and Thirsty Mud. However, due to the $98 AUD price tag, I wasn’t going to be purchasing either any time soon. Key word: wasn’t.

Glamglow’s Sonic the Hedgehog Gravity Mud mask finally landed in Australia just over a month ago, and at the time, I still wasn’t totally convinced about spending almost $100 for a metallic blue facial.

So when it wasn’t available online anymore, and was gone from all my local stores, I did start to second-guess myself…and ended up buying it at a store over an hour’s drive from my house. The things we do for beauty!

It acts just like the original Gravity Mud; the only difference is the colour and pot packaging (a really pretty deep royal blue). I will say though, Glamglow was a little lazy with the outer packaging, and just stuck a Sonic the Hedgehog promotional sticker over the top of the original Gravity Mud packaging. Obviously not much of the $98 went into outer presentation!

As you can see from the mask peel below, the only difference is the colour of the masks. Both felt exactly the same on the skin, smelt the same, and had the same tightening effect post-application.

So, do you need this product? Absolutely not! If you own the original Gravity Mud, you don’t need to pick this one up. However, it you’re a makeup collector, this might be a piece to add to your collection. It’s definitely a very cool luxury item to own, but that’s about it!

Do you think this limited edition item is worth the hype and the splurge? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

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