Too Faced White Chocolate Chip palette Review

I was super excited to hear Mecca was stocking this new release from Too Faced, and the day it landed in store I raced in to pick up this limited edition item.

The White Chocolate Chip palette is a pocket-sized take on the normal Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes, and comes with 11 shades. The shadows smell like White Chocolate and are soft to the touch.

The biggest downside would have to be the size…you don’t realise how small it is until you view it in person! It’s size makes it super travel-friendly, but you don’t get a heap of product, so keep that in mind. For comparison, it’s about half the size of a regular chocolate bar palette.

Glazed is a matte off-white shade and makes for a good brow bone shade or all-over shadow to set the eye area after primer.

Ambrosia is a matte pale peachy-pink. On fair skin this makes for a good light transition shade.


Exotica is a shimmer shadow which swatches well and is a deep champagne shade.


Pearl Candy is a cool-toned shimmery white shade. It’s destined to be an inner corner highlight!

Raspberry Rose is my favourite shade from the palette and is a duo-chrome with shimmer finish. It’s a golden peach-to-pink colour.

Indulge is a shimmery pewter shade, but lacks the pigmentation the others have, so needs to be built-up.


Guilt-free is a cool-toned taupe transition shade. In the pan it looks similar to Pecan Praline from the Bon Bons palette, but the two shades look completely different when swatched.


Cake Batter is a warm-toned light pinky-brown shade, and another good one for transitioning.


Cookie Dough is a matte shade with glitter particles loosely scattered in. The shade swatches matte despite the glitter.


Sugared Raisin appeared in the 2016 Holiday Chocolate Shop palette, and is a lilac-silver shade. I can see this foiled over the lid.


Black sugar is a black shadow with silver glitter mixed through. This one was a little patchy when applied to bare skin.

I was really impressed with the overall quality of this palette, considering some of their limited edition launches have been average at best. If you love soft, neutral and rosy-toned shades, this might be one for you!


Shadows swatched from left to right (order of shades as described above)

Let me know if you’ll be adding this palette to your collection, and which Too Faced palette is your all-time favourite!

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