Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set: Review & Swatches

I’ve raved about Kat’s liquid lipsticks before, and I will again after getting this set for $28 AUD on Sephora! This was such a good bargain and a great way for me to try more of her shades (especially when one full size costs $30 AUD!!)

Backstage Bambi

Backstage Bambi is a cool-toned vibrant pink shade. This colour is pretty bold, but isn’t as daring as the purples or blue. It’s a lighter and brighter shade of pink compared to Stila’s Bella.

Santa Sangre

Santa Sangre leans towards the warm side of red, and it’s a pretty apple shade. It’s quite similar in colour to Stila’s Beso (Beso has a cool undertone), and is much brighter than Too Faced’s Lady Balls.


Plath is a warm rusty-brown shade; perfect for fall or winter looks. The closest colour I own to compare Plath to is Lolita, which has a mauve base and cool undertone when swatched beside Plath.


L.U.V is a bright violet shade, but isn’t super opaque. I recommend applying two coats of this for full colour payoff. It’s about as bright as Backstage Bambi.


Roxy is a deep royal purple shade, and I’m not sure where I would wear this? I think it might pair nicely with L.U.V as a lip contour.


Echo is a deep navy blue colour which was a little streaky. This is definitely the boldest of the bunch, and probably too bold for me at this stage.

I’ve already spoken about Lovesick and Mother as I own the full sizes of both, so you can see those reviews here and here. My beautiful Mumma got to have the two unopened minis from this set!

Below you can see swatches of all the Kat Von D shades I currently own. From left to right: Lolita, Lovesick. Mother, Backstage Bambi, Santa Sangre, Plath, L.U.V, Roxy and Echo

Each lipstick tube contains 3mL of product, while a full size contains just over 6mL, so you’re getting about half the product (which isn’t bad when you get so many in the one set). If you’re new to the brand or want to add a range of shades to your collection, I highly recommend picking up this set.

Kat Von D has lots of new shade releases coming out shortly. Which one/s have you got your eyes on?

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